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“Whatever be the size, your contribution influences the SIM community in some way.”

Funded entirely by private corporations, foundations and individuals from around the world, who believe in its vision, the SIM is conceived as a not-for- profit organisation and is registered under Indian Trusts Act, 1882, as amended from time to time. SIM is an institution whose activities are supported by a variety of individuals, corporations, and foundations who share our vision of creating a world class, research driven institution for India and the world.

The SIM vision is to be an internationally top-ranked, research-driven, independent management institution that grooms future leaders for India and the world. In business as in life, proficient partnerships contribute immensely to progress. The SIM is the result of collaboration between committed individuals, corporates and academics. With world-class facility, global curriculum, international faculty and an acknowledged standard of student body, the SIM is poised to reach new realms of recognition. Yet this task can gain momentum only with support from organisations and business leaders with verve and vision.

As the SIM endeavours to establish itself as a world class business school located in India, donors have a key role in this achievement. A contribution made to the field of education influences many lives – both directly and indirectly. The Asian region and its emerging markets are in the limelight and you can play a crucial role in this excitement by partnering with the SIM.The School aims to proffer resources and facilities that nurture innovative research, by supporting the SIM through funding, partnerships, and patronage, you invest in today’s students and thereby have an impact on the future of the region and the world as a whole.

As a donor, you can invest in the SIM with your time, talent and resources to strengthen our cause. Donors, depending on their contribution levels, will be acknowledged in appropriate communication channels such as our annual report, newsletters, website, and more, providing you with visibility and goodwill. Also, you get to connect with top talent in the school, network with other SIM partners, and leave a legacy for the business community. We can work with you to plan a gift that fits your financial and strategic goals and apprise you of the benefits you shall get.

SIM endeavours to fulfill the following pointers as part of its endowment scheme objectives and is looking for partnership with Corporate, Foundations and Individuals to achieve them.

SIM is the world’s first higher education institution offering Free/Full scholarship MBA programs to 90% of its student intake. Our effort to broaden student participation and strengthen inclusiveness in higher education is particularly timely in India, where rapid economic growth has been accompanied by widening disparities and inequality, which ultimately are obstacles to long-term economic development. Thus, investments that support and incentivize education systems to become more inclusive will yield more productive and sustainable economies, and providing direct financial assistance to students is one of the most effective of achieving this end. There is a pressing need for management graduates even in industries and sectors,such as the non-profit sector, that are not regarded as lucrative. The high cost and financial burden of a management education often puts it out of reach of the very people who could provide dynamic leadership and make a profound difference in such sectors. Financial burden on students often prevents them from following their intended career path and thus, limiting their potential to create broader impact. Scholarships are a strong incentive and support to exceptionally talented and driven students who may otherwise not have the means or opportunity to follow their dreams. Applicants for SIM’s flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programme (PGDM) will comprise of achievers from diverse economic backgrounds. Admitted through rigourous yet holistic and inclusive 3-stage entrance system SIMSAT, the quality of our Student intake will be on par with the best in the world on all key parameters. We endeavour to attract an increasing number of high potential candidates year after year, with the diversity of our students community, not only in terms of their functional areas, but also their economic and cultural backgrounds.

Over the next few years, as we endeavour to grow both in size and stature, we will need to increase our investments in the recruitment and development of people who distinguish themselves both as teachers and researchers. One of the important ways we hope to attract and retain the finest faculty, nationally and internationally, is through the establishment of Faculty Chairs. Faculty Chair honour outstanding, high performing teachers and scholars who are leaders in their fields and provide them with the support and resources they need to achieve their goals as researchers and educators. SIM is committed to ensuring that we retain and reward those among our faculty who have earned a high degree of global recognition for their accomplishments. We also seek to recruit leading faculty from India and around the world to our institution. Faculty Chair will allow us to fulfill both objectives. SIM is fortunate to have several exceptional faculty right from its inception and the formative age in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management, public policy to whom we would be proud to offer a Faculty Chair if only the necessary funds were available. Faculty Chair signals the status of the Chair holder and is the highest honor the SIM can bestow upon faculty who have made extraordinary contributions to research and teaching.



Collaboration with SIM, design and develop research and outreach activities such as Case-study, case-development, advance industry/academic research, conferences, seminars, webinars, etc. which fits the need of your organization’s financial and strategic and developmental goals and objectives.

  • Total number of Permanent Scholarships: 100
  • One time contribution required to create one Permanent Scholarship endowment: INR 50,000,000/-
  • One organization/firm/invidual can create a maximum of 10 sholarships
  • Maximum of 10 individuals/firms/organization can together create one such scholarship.
  • Each “Scholarship Creater” will have the first right to employ its sponsored students
  • Sposnsored students will be bound to work with their sponsorors for at least two years
  • Scholarship creater firms/corporates can introduce their own specific study modules/ courses/ learning interventions, etc. to their sponsored students to prepare them industry-ready once they pass out.
  • Any creater may choose to discontinue its scholarship anytime after 3 years. SIM will refund the endowment money, but shall not pay any interest.
  • Build the Main Entrance gate and the avenue in your name. Estimated contribution needed: 1 Cr.
  • Build Lecture Auditoriums. Contribution: 35 lakhs per auditorium
  • Build an open air Ampitheatre: Contribution: 65 lakhs
  • Build library in you name: Contribution 80 lakhs
  • Build the hostel apartments: Contribution 30 lakhs per apartment
  • Build the Central atrium lobby: Contribution 75 lakhs
  • Build the main Porch; Contribution 50 lakhs
  • You may donate Audio-Visual and IT infrastructures like LED screens, Computers, PA systems, etc. All such donations will have the donors’ name/address engraved on a stone/metal plates installed permanently, apart from other acknowledgement mediums.
  • Center for Ethics and Innovative Management Practices develpment (CEIM)
  • Center for Public policy and Governance, Business environments (PGB)
  • Center for Management in Art, Culture and Social sciences (MARCS)
  • Center for Management in Science & Technology (CMS)
  • Center for Management in Agriculture, Sustanability & Environment (MAS)
  • Center for Advance Research in Education & Knowledge (CARE)
  • Center for Indian Renessiance (CIR)

Establishment of each center would need an endowment of INR 2 Cr.

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