School of Innovation and Management (SIM) is an upcoming world class higher education institution offering Masters and Higher degrees/diplomas/certificates/ It is a first of its kind institution which offers 100% Scholarship to the 90% of its total student intake. A path-breaking idea of education which challenges the present, highly commercialized, Industrial revolution era and based on Macaulay's education system, with Vedanta-ethic based knowledge system which perpetuates knowledge for all, where the students enrolled through Scholarship program will not have to pay a single Rupee for their tuition fee at SIM, which otherwise runs in millions in other B-schools.


Our mission is to provide industry ready and socially sensitive holistic mangers par excellence able to add value to themselves, their family, their place or work as well as to the country under all conditions, recession or prosperity with equal ease, nurtured on the “Glocal learning and adaptability based on a perfect blend of Indian and Western Management system.


To become among the top fifty Management Institute in the world by the year 2026 and be globally recognized as a centre of excellence in contemporary business environment with focus in nurturing and developing ethos, values and practices of Indian Management system blended with the agility of the Western Management practices. It also aims to create a free/highly affordable, sustainable, inclusive and world-class education eco-system in the country ans SIM is first such sapling of this great vision.


One would, and rightly so, wonder how an idea of creating a virtually free world- class management education institution is ever possible where other such institutions charge millions from their students! Well, to give a little insight into this path-breaking and revolutionary idea; we at SIM aim to create an Industry-Institute ecosystem where each of the sholarship students's education will be supported by a permanent Scholarship Fund/Endowment created by an a corporate/organizations/firms or individuals. Thus, while most of the premier instutions have Chair-Professors, SIM, turning the wheel of knowledge 360 degrees, will have a kind of Chair-Students! Also, SIM is highly dpendent on crowd-funding through its ever growing member- donors community and the fund generated through the fees of certain programs to meet its rmaining expenses.

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