Sustainability & Inclusivity are core and founding principles of the School of Innovation & Management.

The upcoming campus infrastructure is designed as a Green-Campus which endeavours to attain zero wastage. With cuttings edge technologies and designs, it will solar energy systems to fullfill a minimum of 30% of its energy requirements in the first phase while we aim to meet 75% of our energy needs through solar systems.

Further, we at SIM completely understand that water is a scarce and invaluable natural resource. Every drop is precious and to conserve each such drop, the whole campus will be virtually a large rain water harvesting unit. The planned quarter a kilometer long pond will serve the repository of rain water, apart from maintiaing the fine balance of the flora & fauna and recharging the ground water. Also, we aim to achieve zero-drainage by implementing state of the art water recycling systems & processes..

The iconic blooming-flower shape of the building is being designed in such a way that it is highly energy efficient and needs at least 30% less energy for HVAC systems.

Keeping in mind the development of the local community and all people associated directly or indirectly with SIM, we have alos proposed to use the state of the art campus facilities to run a free upto class VIII school for the local children. Again an unique world-class school for children (SIM-Vidyalaya) who will be taught by some of the best & innovative minds of the country in a world classs facility. Yes, the students/scholars at SIM will teach the local children in a completely formal school environment every morning from 7am to 10am.

SIM would happily participate investing its own resouces & infrastructures in various governemnts scheme, training programs and adult education, etc. To bring a positive change in the society.

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