" Each droplet makes an ocean and each seedlet has the potential to grow into a banyan tree ". Similarly, every contribution, no matter how small or big, is extremely important to the growth of an educational revolution under the name of SIM.

We invite every individual to contribute whatever they want as an " Aahuti " to this "Yajna" of knowledge which challenges the present highly discriminating and commercialized educational system and endeavours to re-create our Indic-knowledge system where the only criteria of knwoledge gainig is your dedication to learn more, a education system which gives you the freedom thought, the freedom of choice and the freedom of doing things.

By contributing to SIM, you will become our revered member-donor and we will acknowledge you by proudly mentioning your name on our website.

Who can contribute and join as a memeber : 

Any indvidual who have attained 18 years of age can join us as SIM-member and contribute his part.

At present, we do not accept conributions from foreign countries.

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