In order to promote and nurture the innovation, creativity and grass-root change-leaders, the School of Innovation & Management aims to establish Navonmesh Awards (The innovators' awards) in the following categories:

  • Economy
  • Environment
  • Peace & public-policy
  • Science & Technology
  • Agriculture & Rural society

Navonmesh-Shree : 

Every year, five Navonmesh-Shree will be chosen, one each from the above mentioned categoroes. Each awardee will be given financial assistance of INR 2 lakhs.

Navonmesh Ratna : 

Every year one Navonmesh-Ratna will be chosen from the above mentioned categories. A Navonmesh-Ratna will be one who has made considerable contribution in uplifting the lives of Indians through his innovation, dedicated and self-less service to sciety and nation. He/she will be given an assistance of INR 1 million.

Navonmesh awardees will also be eligibe to seek direct admission to the various programs at SIM (except PGDM) and will be given admission to aparticular program with financial assistance/scholarships, etc., depending on their basic education and qualifications.

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